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Imagine the feeling of watching your beloved iPhone submerged in water or accidentally soaked due to a sudden splash. It’s a common nightmare for many iPhone users. If you locate yourself in this unfortunate scenario wherein your water-broken iPhone activates, however, the screen stays black, fear not. Because Flash Fix Mobile brings you a comprehensive guide, we’re going to walk you through the steps to evaluate the harm and potential solutions, supporting you to keep away from the need for a phone repair services.

Understanding Water Damage

Water is very light in weight but can cause heavy damage. Let’s look at various factors that the liquid possesses:

Impact of Water on Electronic Devices

Water and electronics are not friends. Even a small amount of moisture can cause critical damage. Water can cause short circuits and corrosion on inner additives, along with the iPhone’s display.

Types of Water Exposure

Water damage can arise in various methods, from complete submersion to unintended spills or maybe due to excessively humid environments. Understanding the volume of water exposure is important in assessing the damage.

Initial Assessment

Checking for Visible Signs of Water Damage

Examine your iPhone closely for any signs of water damage, along with moisture inside the charging port or water droplets beneath the screen. These signs and symptoms can provide clues about the severity of the harm.

Confirming If the iPhone Is Still Functional

While it could be tempting to turn at the iPhone immediately, refraining from doing it may cause similar harm. Instead, continue with caution and prioritize drying the tool very well.

Safe Handling of a Water-Damaged iPhone

Turning Off the iPhone

If your iPhone continues to be on after water exposure, power it off at once. This can assist in preventing short circuits and similar damage.

Removing SIM Cards and Accessories

Take out the SIM card and any linked accessories like headphones or chargers. This allows for higher airflow and aids in the drying process.

Drying the Exterior Gently

Use a clean, dry fabric to wipe the exterior of the iPhone softly. Be cautious now not to push water further into the tool.

Debunking the Rice-Drying Method

Contrary to popular perception, placing your iPhone in a bag of rice is not the best way to dry it. Rice can leave residue inside the device and no longer address moisture trapped in difficult-to-reach regions.

Exploring Safer Alternatives for Drying

Consider air-drying the iPhone or the usage of desiccants like silica gel packets. These strategies are more secure and best at removing moisture.

The Drying Process

Air-Drying the iPhone

Place the iPhone in dry and heated (not warm) surroundings with proper airflow. Patience is fundamental during this step.

Use of Desiccants (e.G., Silica Gel)

Silica gel packets can absorb moisture correctly. Place your iPhone and silica gel packets in a sealed container and allow them to work their magic.

Avoiding Heat Sources

Avoid the usage of hairdryers, ovens, or any direct warmness sources to speed up the drying process, as excessive warmth can further damage your iPhone.

While looking ahead to your iPhone to dry, exercise patience. Rushing to turn it on can lead to more trouble. Typical drying times vary; however, it can also take at least 48 hours.

Waiting at least 48 Hours

After a minimum of 48 hours, try and restart your iPhone. This cautious method can help avoid additional damage.

Restarting the iPhone and Assessing Screen Functionality

If your iPhone activates, but the screen remains black, it is time to troubleshoot. There are probably underlying problems causing the screen trouble.

Screen Is Still Black: What to Do?

Identifying Possible Causes of the Black Screen

Various factors could bring about a black screen after water exposure. We’ll explore troubleshooting steps to cope with this trouble, which includes acting a reset, connecting to iTunes for recovery mode, and understanding while searching for professional help at a Mobile phone repair shop.

Signs of Screen Damage

Water-damaged phone screen is one of the most common types of phone screen damage. In some instances, water harm can lead to bodily screen damage. Recognizing these symptoms is essential for figuring out the right direction of movement, including display substitute or repair.

Tips for Preventing Water Damage

Learn from your will and take steps to save you water harm in the future. We’ll share guidelines on safeguarding your iPhone from water exposure, together with using defensive cases and water-resistant add-ons.


In conclusion, facing a water-damaged iPhone with a black display screen can be distressing. However, it’s a venture that can frequently be triumphed over with the right understanding and actions. By following the steps outlined in this guide by Flash Fix Mobile, you may maximize your probability of restoring your iPhone’s functionality without resorting to phone repair services. Remember, quick and cautious responses are key while handling water harm. Share your reviews and tips with fellow readers to help them navigate similar situations.

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