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In today’s digital age, our smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. We rely on them for communication, entertainment, information, and more. However, there are different types of phone damages encompass a variety of issues that can arise from everyday usage and accidents. Cracks and shatters, stemming from accidental drops or pressure, are prevalent, ranging from minor fractures to extensive shattering. Such damages not only compromise the device’s appearance but also hinder touch functionality and visibility. Scratches, often caused by contact with various materials like sand, accumulate over time, affecting the overall screen usability.
The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), can be harmed, resulting in dead pixels, color distortion, or black spots due to impacts, pressure, or extreme temperatures. Burn-in, frequently seen in OLED and AMOLED screens, emerges when static images are shown for extended periods, leaving lasting “burned” marks. Water damage poses a notable threat, causing unresponsive touchscreens and blurry visuals. Meanwhile, extended pressure can lead to discolored pressure spots. Wear and software glitches trigger touchscreen sensitivity problems, leading to delayed responses and imprecise touches. Certain phone designs can lead to lifted or separated glass, impacting structural integrity and allowing debris accumulation.

 Types of Phone Screen Damages

Understanding the types of damages is crucial for prevention and proper care of phone screens. In this blog, we will explore the different types of phone screen damages that users commonly encounter and how you can get professional services from a cheap phone repair shop.

Cracks & Shatters

Perhaps the most common type of phone screen damage is cracks and shatters. Accidental drops, impacts, or pressure applied to the screen can result in cracks that range from minor hairline fractures to extensive shattering. Cracks not only compromise the aesthetic appeal of the device but can also obstruct the touch functionality and visibility of the screen. In some cases, small cracks can escalate into larger ones over time, leading to further damage.


Phones are often carried in pockets, bags, or alongside other items, making them susceptible to scratches. While scratches may seem minor compared to cracks, they can accumulate and affect the overall appearance and usability of the screen. Even seemingly harmless materials like sand or dust particles can cause scratches when they come into contact with the screen and are rubbed against it. Using screen protectors can significantly reduce the risk of scratches.

LCD Damage

The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is a crucial component of a phone’s screen, responsible for displaying images and videos. LCD damage can manifest in various ways, such as dead pixels, color distortion, or black spots on the screen. LCD damage often occurs due to impacts, excessive pressure, or exposure to extreme temperatures. Unlike physical cracks, LCD damage can affect the functionality of the screen by distorting visuals and making it difficult to use the device.


Burn-in is a type of screen damage that primarily affects OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) and AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) screens. It occurs when static images are displayed on the screen for extended periods, causing those images to “burn” into the screen permanently. This can result in ghostly remnants of icons or images being visible at all times, even when the screen content changes. To prevent burn-in and getting cheap phone repair, it’s advisable to avoid displaying static images at maximum brightness for prolonged durations.

Water Damage

Water and electronics are not a good combination, and phone screens are no exception. Water damage can lead to a range of issues, including unresponsive touchscreens, blurred visuals, and even complete screen failure. Water can seep into the device through small openings or cracks and damage the internal components, including the screen. Some modern smartphones are water-resistant to varying degrees, but it’s always best to avoid exposing your phone to water whenever possible.

Pressure Spots

Pressure spots are areas on the screen that appear discolored or distorted due to excessive pressure being applied to the screen. This can happen when a phone is stored in a tight pocket or when an object presses against the screen for an extended period. Pressure spots can be frustrating as they hinder the display’s clarity and can’t be fixed without professional intervention.

Touchscreen Sensitivity Issues

Smartphone screens are touch-sensitive, allowing us to interact with the device using gestures and touches. However, screens can develop sensitivity issues over time. This might result in delayed responses, inaccurate touches, or unresponsive areas on the screen. Such issues can stem from various factors, including software glitches, physical damage to the touch sensor, or even a buildup of dirt and grime around the edges of the screen. Using these tips by cheap cell phone repair shop you got to know how to get your mobile fixed without breaking the bank.

Lifted Glass or Separation

Some phones have a design where the glass covering the screen is separate from the underlying components. In such cases, the glass can become lifted or separated from the rest of the device. This not only affects the structural integrity of the phone but can also allow dust and debris to accumulate between the glass and the display, leading to visual distortions and potential further damage.


All in all, phone screen damages are a common and unfortunate aspect of owning a smartphone. While it’s challenging to entirely avoid them, being aware of the various types of damages and taking preventive measures can go a long way in keeping your phone’s screen in optimal condition. Remember that even if your screen does get damaged, professional cell phone repair shops offers best repair services that can restore your device to its former glory. So, if you’re in search of a company, then you should consider none other than Flash Fix Mobile. We are the leading and trusted service provider when it comes to Cheap Phone Repair Shop In Mattydale.

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