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If you are experiencing the complicated issue of your iPhone’s battery reducing even as charging, you are not alone. But worry not! In this comprehensive guide by Flash Fix Mobile, we’ll delve into the common reasons behind this problem and provide you with effective solutions to make certain that your iPhone functions smoothly. 

Common Reasons for Battery Decrease During Charging

Before exploring answers, let’s discover why your iPhone might be dropping charge at the same time as plugged in.

Background Apps and Processes 

One of the leading reasons behind your iPhone’s lower battery during charging is background apps and processes. These apps preserve battery, even if your phone is plugged in. Identifying and handling these apps could make a great difference in charging efficiency.

Faulty Charging Equipment 

Faulty charging equipment, such as broken cables or adapters, can also avert the charging technique. A broken cable or a malfunctioning adapter can cause erratic charging behavior. To prevent this, frequently investigate your charging device and update any damaged components to keep away from useless expenses.

Software-Related Issues 

Software-associated system defects, old iOS models, or corrupted files can affect how your iPhone charges. Ensuring that your tool runs the modern iOS and troubleshooting software program problems can often resolve the problem.

Hardware-Related Solutions

Check Charging Equipment

Begin your troubleshooting by inspecting your charging system. Check for physical harm to the charging cable and adapter. If you locate any issues, update them right away to ensure reliable charging.

Battery Health 

A battery’s health plays a critical role in charging efficiency. Check your iPhone’s battery condition and potential in the settings. If the battery is substantially degraded, keep in mind changing it. This preventive step not only most effectively addresses the charging problem but also prolongs your tool’s life, sparing you from frequent visits to Mobile phone repair shops.

Safe Charging Practices 

Using actual Apple accessories and preserving appropriate charging surroundings is vital. Avoid excessive temperatures at the same time as charging, as they are able to affect the battery’s overall performance. Following these practices can help ensure your iPhone prices effectively.

Software-Related Solutions

iOS Updates

Keeping your iOS up-to-date is critical for resolving software program-related charging problems. Apple frequently releases updates that optimize performance and cope with viruses. Checking for and installing these updates can frequently remove the need for phone repair services.

Background Apps and Processes 

Background apps are the basic reason for battery decrease at some point of charging. Close useless apps to conserve battery even as charging. This easy step could make a world of difference for your charging. 

Resetting iPhone Settings 

If you’ve attempted everything else and your iPhone’s battery still drains at the same time as charging, don’t forget to act with a reset or restore factory settings as a final option. This can solve stubborn software program system defects affecting the charging procedure.

Battery Optimization

Low Power Mode 

Enabling “Low Power Mode” in your iPhone can considerably amplify battery life and enhance charging performance. When your battery is low, activating this mode can assist in preserving the battery until you can discover a more everlasting solution.

Battery-Intensive Features 

Identify and control battery-draining features, which include app refresh,  or high display brightness. Adjusting these settings can assist in conserving the battery while charging, permitting you to experience uninterrupted device use.

Charging Cycles 

Understanding battery charging cycles is essential. Avoid retaining your iPhone plugged in all of the time, and observe proper charging practices to keep the battery healthy. This reduces the chances of encountering charging troubles.

Troubleshooting Persistent Battery Drain

If, notwithstanding your efforts, your iPhone continues to lose battery while charging, it is time to take into account expert assistance. Running diagnostics, seeking assistance from Apple support, and backing up your data are vital steps to take before heading to a phone repair Shop.


In conclusion, experiencing a decreasing battery, even as charging your iPhone, can be irritating. Still, it is a trouble that could be resolved with the proper knowledge and troubleshooting steps. By following the recommendations outlined in this guide, you can ensure that your iPhone charges properly. Remember, proactive maintenance and smart utilization can move an extended way in retaining your iPhone’s battery life.

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