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How To Check iPhone Battery Health After Reset?

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To check your iPhone’s battery health after a reset, follow these steps. Open the “Settings” app, then tap on “Battery.” Inside the Battery menu, select “Battery Health.” Here, you’ll find crucial information about your battery’s capacity and performance. The “Maximum Capacity” percentage indicates your battery’s current capacity compared to its original capacity when new. 

Additionally, you’ll see if your device is experiencing any performance management due to an aging battery. This feature provides valuable insights into the overall health of your iPhone’s battery, allowing you to monitor its condition and take appropriate actions if needed.

5 Steps To Check iPhone Battery Health After Reset?

1. Update To The Latest Software

Before diving into how to check iPhone battery health after reset, ensure your iPhone is running the latest iOS version. Software updates often include optimizations and improvements that can positively impact battery performance.

2. Use The Built-In Tool

Navigate to the “Settings” app on your iPhone, tap on “Battery,” and then select “Battery Health.” Here, you’ll find the “Maximum Capacity” percentage, indicating your battery’s current capacity compared to its original state. Additionally, you can check if your device is subject to any performance management due to an aging battery.

3. Check The Maximum Capacity

To address decreasing battery while charging, monitor the “Maximum Capacity” of your battery. A higher percentage signifies better health. If capacity drops significantly, it may be time to consider a battery replacement.

4. Make use of Third-party Apps

For detailed analysis of app update problems, explore third-party apps on the App Store. They offer insights into battery performance, charging cycles, and overall health.

5. Seek Professional Help From Flash Fix Mobile

If you encounter persistent battery issues or need expert advice, turn to professionals. Flash Fix Mobile offers specialized services, ensuring your iPhone’s battery is examined thoroughly, and appropriate actions are taken.

7 Tips to Improve your iPhone Battery Health?

1. Optimize Settings

If your iPhone battery is original, optimize settings like screen brightness, background app refresh, and location services for a balance between functionality and battery conservation.

2. Manage Background Apps

Close or restrict unnecessary background apps that consume battery power when not in use.

3. Enable Low Power Mode

Activate Low Power Mode in settings when your battery is running low to reduce power consumption temporarily.

4. Monitor Battery Usage

Review the Battery section in Settings to identify apps consuming significant battery resources and make adjustments accordingly.

5. Avoid Extreme Temperatures

To maintain your battery health, ensure your iPhone stays within the recommended temperature range. Extreme heat or cold can adversely affect the battery’s performance over time.

How do I check battery health on iPhone reset?

To check your iPhone’s battery health after a reset, go to “Settings,” then tap on “Battery,” and finally select “Battery Health.” Here, you can find valuable information about your battery’s capacity and performance. A reset won’t affect your ability to monitor battery health through these settings.

Does resetting the iPhone affect battery health?

Generally, a routine reset, like restarting your iPhone, won’t directly impact battery health. However, if you perform a factory reset or erase all content and settings frequently, it may contribute to increased battery cycles, potentially affecting long-term health.

Can you bring back the 100% battery health on iPhone?

Reaching 100% battery health on an iPhone is challenging as it reflects the original maximum capacity. While certain practices, like avoiding extreme temperatures and not letting your battery drain completely, can help maintain health, achieving a consistent 100% may not be realistic over extended usage. Regularly monitoring and following best practices can, however, optimize your battery’s performance.


For iPhone repair services, ensure to check your device’s battery health post-reset as a proactive step for optimal performance. Regular assessments, whether using built-in tools, third-party apps, or seeking professional help like Flash Fix Mobile, help address potential issues promptly, enhancing the longevity of your iPhone’s battery and ensuring a reliable smartphone experience.

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