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Sound quality plays a vital role in our smartphone experience, whether making calls, listening to music, or watching videos. However, encountering poor sound quality on our phones can be frustrating. Smartphone speakers have inbuilt filters that trap any dust particles and particulate matter accumulating in the speaker, affecting the quality. However, these filters need constant maintenance and cleaning. If they are cleaned properly, you might experience better-quality audio. You can also clean it on your own, but it is better to refer to a phone repair shop for this purpose. They have all the right equipment to clean and deal with the deteriorating quality of the sound. 

Tips And Tricks to Deal With Poor Sound Quality on a Phone

In this blog, you can figure out some quick ways to deal with it.

Clean the Speaker and Microphone

Sometimes, a buildup of dust, dirt, or debris can affect the sound quality of your phone. Begin by inspecting the speaker and microphone areas for any obstructions. If you notice any, gently clean them using a soft, dry brush or a toothbrush. Ensure not to use liquids as they can damage the phone. It is better to refer to a cheap phone repair shop to get your phone fixed without breaking the bank.

Adjust Volume Settings

Sometimes, the sound quality issue might arise from incorrect volume settings. Adjust the volume level on your phone and check if it makes a difference. Additionally, ensure that the volume is not too low or muted, which can impact the audio output.

Check for Software Updates:

Outdated software can cause various issues, including good quality problems. Keep your phone’s operating system current by regularly checking for software updates. Manufacturers often release updates that address bugs and improve overall system performance, positively impacting sound quality.

Disable Noise Cancellation

Most modern smartphones come equipped with noise-cancellation features. While these features can be beneficial in certain situations, they may also affect sound quality negatively. Experiment with disabling noise cancellation settings to determine if it improves the audio clarity on your phone.

Adjust Equalizer Settings

Many smartphones have built-in equalizer settings that allow you to adjust the audio frequencies to your preference. Explore your phone’s sound settings, experiment with different equalizer presets, or manually adjust the sliders to enhance sound quality. This can help compensate for deficiencies in certain frequency ranges. If you need help figuring out these settings, you should take help from a professional expert at a cheap phone repair shop.

Use a Different Music or Video Streaming App

Try an alternative one if you experience poor sound quality while using a specific music or video streaming app. Different apps may have varying audio settings or codecs, and switching to a different app might resolve the sound quality issues.

Check Bluetooth Connection

A weak or unstable connection can lead to degraded sound quality if you’re using Bluetooth headphones or speakers. Ensure that your phone and Bluetooth are nearby and free from any obstacles that might interfere with the signal. Alternatively, try disconnecting and reconnecting the Bluetooth connection to refresh the connection.

Restart Your Phone

A simple yet effective troubleshooting step is to restart your phone. Restarting can help resolve temporary software glitches or conflicts affecting sound quality. After restarting, check if the sound quality has improved. An expert at an electronics repair shop can help you diagnose the problem in your phone and come up with the most appropriate solutions.

Reset Network Settings

Network-related issues can impact sound quality during calls or while using certain apps. Resetting your phone’s network settings can help resolve such problems. However, note that this will remove saved Wi-Fi passwords, Bluetooth connections, and other network-related settings, so you must set them up again.

Use Audio Enhancement Apps

Several audio enhancement apps available in app stores can help improve the sound quality of your phone. These apps offer equalizers, virtual surround sound, and audio effects to enhance the audio output. Research and try out different audio enhancement apps to find one that suits your preferences and provides the desired sound quality improvements.

Consider an External DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter)

If you are an audiophile or have high-quality headphones, using an external DAC can significantly enhance the sound quality of your phone. An external DAC converts the digital audio signal from your phone into analogue audio with higher fidelity. You can enjoy improved sound reproduction and clarity by bypassing the phone’s internal audio processing. However, remember that this option may require additional investment and compatibility considerations.

At Flash Fix Mobile, we help you deal with various mobile-related issues. We have a highly competent team of experts that help you restore the maximum efficiency of your phone. All you have to do is to get in contact with us and explain your problem. 


Dealing with poor sound quality on a phone can be frustrating, but you can significantly improve your audio experience with the right approach. There are various techniques to address sound quality issues, from simple steps like cleaning the speaker and adjusting settings to more advanced options like using external devices or seeking professional repair services. Remember to explore the specific options available on your phone and consider your device’s unique characteristics. By taking the time to troubleshoot and optimize sound quality, you can enjoy clear and immersive audio on your phone, whether you’re making calls, listening to music, or watching videos.

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